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How do I create hotspot without cell service?

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I want to create a LAN-only hotspot using my Android phone. The standard Mobile Hotspot button in the Android 4.4.4 settings menu requires an active internet connection to be present, and for such connection to be present requires 2 things.
1) An active cellphone service
2) Your cellphone service's data service must be switched on

My desire is to only share files (not an internet connection) between my phone and my desktop computer. I can use a USB cable, but this is inconvenient (my phone's mobility is restricted during file transfer). I can use a wireless router, but this is inconvenient (one more piece of hardware is needed).

The simple solution is to make my phone behave as a wireless LAN (WLAN) host device, in the same way that typically a wireless router is a WLAN host device. This would allow my desktop PC to directly connect to my phone, instead of directly connecting to a router and then using that router to communicate with the phone, regardless of whether my phone's cell service and data plan is active.

But this solution can't happen, using the Android 4.4.4 Mobile Hotspot feature. I'm hoping somebody has made an app, that I can use to command the phone to start up WLAN Host Mode, without a currently active internet connect via my cell-service provider. I should be able to take this thing out in a sail-boat in the middle of an ocean (for example), away from any cell towers, and turn on the app, and my phone will immediately start acting as a WLAN host device.

Does such an app exist?