How do I enable romanagri/hinglish dictionary in the Samsung language input?


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Oct 26, 2014
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Enabling romanagri/hinglish dictionary in samsung language input

Even though google has released hinglish input and dictionary, but for ink to text conversion in snote users need to download samsung's own language pack, it doesn't let you chose google's hinglish language for ink to text conversion. Is there any other way that can let me add new languages to samsung language settings?

Since hinglish utilizes the basic roman script, so if i can add extra words in samsungs English dictionary that will also help.

Any ideas? I have the tool i.e ink to text and the language i.e google hinglish both in the same device but can't use it.

May be now that google already has it's own handwriting recognition, it should release it's own nexus "note" like series, with ink to text built into Google keep. Google has taken lead with multiple native language handwriting input, it should go all the way.