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How do I find text that I have copied?


AC Question

I want to copy and paste to my tablet so I can paste to Facebook. How do I do this. My tablet says copying text but then where do I retrieve it? I'm sure I have lots on there but can never get it. Please help me out, I am not old but didn't grow up with all the computers at school either.


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Aug 5, 2015
The clipboard is a system service that holds usually one item. The new item replaces the old item. It all goes away when the phone is turned off.

You put an item "on" the clipboard by selecting that item, long-press it to get the popup menu, and select "copy" or "cut".

To "paste" the item from the clipboard, you find the place you want to paste it into (like a blank spot in the message you are typing), long-press the blank spot, and select "paste" from the popup menu.

Some apps have individual buttons for cut/copy/paste.