How do I fix my Zenfone 5 lite A502CG Hard Bricked?


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how to fix zenfone 5 lite A502CG Hard Bricked

i update manually my zenfone 5 lite a502cg 1.i download the latest firmware 2. i install all requirements . 3 after that i turn off my phone and then i press volume up + power botton = Droidboot then i choose recovery after that my cellphone has rebooting itself and i saw No command and i tap volume down and volume up im here now in Android system recovery or Fastboot then i choose apply update from ADB and next step i open fastboot falsh tool in my computer and i type in command adb sideload after 100% i see in my cellphone update failed or error install aborted i reboot system now and i stock in ASUS IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE powered by android and ican't access in droidboot Fastboot only

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