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How do I get a galaxy 7 unlock wen I don't know what the Gmail address is


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I bought my partner a 2 nd hand galaxy 7 but after doing reset to start from scratch I found that I am locked out as it's asking for the Gmail address which is obviously the previous owner. Can I do anything to pass this in order to use fone


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Jan 11, 2014
Unless something has changed recently, there is no way around it. Used to work for Verizon, we didn't have a method to get past it. The phone is locked to the previous owners Gmail and will be until the phone is removed from their Google device list, or the phone is unlocked using their Gmail than the account gets removed from the phone before doing a reset.

It's a security thing meant to reduce phone theft, it prevents someone from taking a phone, factory resetting it, and using it for themselves.

You need to contact whoever you got the phone from.