How do I get a Galaxy S5 (SM-G900v) to work with Pioneer Radio?

Anthony DeGennaro

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Dec 27, 2014
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How to get Galaxy S5 (SM-G900v) to work with Pioneer Radio

So I have a Galaxy S5 (SM-G900v) and I have a Pioneer head unit, the model is a DEH-X2710UI. (I got it at Walmart so it's probably a slightly different model then their main models). Playing music through it from USB does NOT work with my phone, it only seems to work with iPhones. Please tell me there is SOME way to make it work. I'll do anything, just tell me SOOMEETHINNGG I can do.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: How to get Galaxy S5 (SM-G900v) to work with Pioneer Radio

The iPhone appears as an mp3 player, the Android phone doesn't. The only way you can connect them is to plug an audio patch cable between the phone's earphone jack and the radio's Aux input. (The only way to "make it work" is to design some sort of device that talks to and from the phone via Bluetooth and to the radio via the USB jack. I don't think any such device exists at this time.)