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How do I get my apps when I have forgotten my email password?

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I've just done a factory reset on my Android tablet.

Unfortunately, I thought I knew the password that was linked to all the apps I bought from the Google Play Store, but when I used the password, it was wrong. I can't remember when I made that email account and it isn't linked to a phone number or another email account (I only used it for buying apps). Google says it can't verify that the email address is mine.

Is there anyway I can recover those apps and get the £10 I put in my Play Store account (from a gift card)? And can anyone think of a way I can get that email account back? Thanks.

Laura Knotek

Moderator Captain
Jan 8, 2011
Unfortunately, since you didn't link it to a phone number or another email address, it would be impossible to verify the account belongs to you, as Google support stated. You'll need to repurchase the apps, and next time link your account to another email address and/or phone number to ensure this doesn't happen again.