How do I get my galaxy s7 edge to revert to 3g in an area that only supports 3g?

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I spend a lot of time in an area that my cell carrier told me does not support 4g. It is only 3g in that area. How can I make my s7 edge revert to 3g while I am in this area? I recently was updated to version 8.0.0 and I no longer have the option to manually change this. I did find the backdoor entrance to the menu where I can choose my network setting but I don't know which option to choose to make this happen. Please help.


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Feb 12, 2012
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The phone should connect to the tower in that area, negotiate a connection, be told the connection is 3G, and switch to it. If it isn't, bring the phone to the carrier and ask them if they could please set it up so that the phone automatically switches to 3G when you're in that area. (It would be easier if they had a store in the 3G area - then it's just "I'm your customer, my phone was just working in <wherever there's 4G>, but it stopped. Could you please help me?" If that store exists, it's probably one of the most common questions they get.

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