How do I get my Note 3 to stop showing as a media device and give access to my photos so I can copy them?


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Note 3 photo backup

Note 3 - smashed screen, does not seem responsive, 4 digit pin code locked

I have one internet connection and that is my Note 4 which is tethered to my PC so I am not able to take the sim out of the Note 4 and put it in the Note 3 to use a Samsung Link (which I don't think I signed up for anyways).

Is there anyway to get the Note 3 to stop showing as a media device and give my access to my photos so I can copy them?

I know I could go get the screen fixed but that will mean the person fixing it could access everything, so if they could do that with a busted screen how can I do that to back it up?


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Dec 25, 2013
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Re: Note 3 photo backup

Hello. Your screen is locked but your computer can see it anyway in Windows Explorer / My Computer?

I am a little rusty since I sold my Note 3, but since KitKat it shows as a Portable Media Player/device rather than a drive number.

With that I could still access the DCIM folders (internal and sd card) to drag and drop my photos, which I did all the time.

I don't think it made a difference when, on first nserting the usb cable in the pc port, the notification panel showed: connected as an MTP device, or Connected as a PTP Device. If you wanted to switch mode you just pull down the shade and the option is there, but that's probably not possible in your case.

You csn factory reset the device with the external buttons and the device off, where you would lose everything of course.

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