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How do I get my phone calendar and pc to sync?


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My phone calendar and pc are not in sync

1) When I add something to my phone it isn't adding it and

2)when I add something to my google calendar on my phone, it does not appear on my phone calendar


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Dec 6, 2011
Re: My phone calendar and pc are not in sync

Ok you're talking about a phone and a pc, with #1 I'm assuming you mean that when you add items to your calendar on the phone it is't showing up on the PC? Check which account you are adding items to when adding them from the phone. Upper left hand corner it shows you which account you are adding items to. You're not saying what type of calendar you're using on either device so I'll just mention a common mistake I've seen mentioned. You are using outlook or Yahoo calendar on the PC and Google calendar on your phone. You add items to the pc they show up on the phone through your sync or link that you created to show items from the pc to the phone. But when items are added to the phone they do not appear on the pc, because you are adding items to your Google calendar under your Google ID and not to your outlook or Yahoo calendar account link. Change the account in the upper left hand corner to your other account and added items will show up in both locations.

As for #2 I'm not sure if you were typing too fast and put phone twice... Are you using a 3rd party app for calendar display? I can think of no reason why if you have the calendar open and add an item it wouldn't immediately show up??? As long as you are hitting save when complete, even if there is no sync or data connection from your device it should still show up on the device, and then online once you have a connection. You are signed in as guest so you won't be able to post screenshots, but see if my advice in the first part of this doesn't yield some results and possibly clear up the issue in the your 2nd question. Post back if this helped or not and give a few more details if it didn't and I'm sure we can figure this out.

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Dec 3, 2010
Re: My phone calendar and pc are not in sync

Go into Settings, then Accounts. Tap on your e-mail address and make sure the Calendar is checked to sync automatically.

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