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How do i get my tablet and accounts back to factory.

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I recently discovered that my tablet in my Google account,Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft have all been hacked. They were hacked using the campaigns and now all of my settings and my data and all my device information is controlled by whomever hacked my account. How do I get my stuff back to the original settings without developer options or services please help I don't know how to use the machines or any of that stuff. I want to remove all tracking, c+, advertising, and developer, account management, location, and Champaign info, redirects, and such info that was hidden in my accounts databases, as well as my devices. How do I proceed? I donot wish to create new accounts, I've tried that and those accounts have been compromised as well.

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Which device? If your account was hacked, it's the account in the cloud that's been hacked, not on your device. Are you able to log into each of those accounts on a browser? If so, change the passwords on all of those accounts, and make sure 2-step authentication is turned on if available. This should prevent anyone who knew your previous password from continued access to your accounts.

What do you mean that your accounts "were hacked using the campaigns"? What campaigns are you talking about? What makes you think all of your settings, data, and device info are being controlled by someone else?