How do I get the car dock screen to come up?


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Apr 24, 2010
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Call me a moron but I can't figure out how to make the "car dock screen" come up while in the car? On my HTC, there was an app that I could open that had the car dock mode. On my Nexus, I don't see anything. Am I missing something or is it not included on the Nexus?

I downloaded the "Car Dashboard" app but I don't know how to automatically make it come up while in the car?



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Oct 6, 2010
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You have tk have the official car dock. The phone recognizes the magnet in the car dock and activates the software. You other option is to get a car dock shortcut app from the market. Then you just punch the app and it brings up the dock software.

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Oct 15, 2010
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There is no official car dock. Dammit. There is an official MOUNT, which is very much not the same thing. This is my main gripe on this phone- lack of an actual car dock. Serious step backwards from my Captivate in that regard.

There is nothing that will turn on dock mode, so you will either need to get the car dock app and run it, or download one of the MANY car dock replacement apps and run them. I just devoted one of my home screens to car mode, and used tasker to enable screen rotation when connected to the car BT system.

Using resizable widgets you can make your own car mode fairly easily. Like I mentioned though, there are many car dock apps out there too.

We SO need a car dock that utilizes the pins on the side of the phone. I let the poor VZ guy have it when be brought out the POS they pass off as a car dock. I still bought it, since there is nothing else better. Not sure who is at fault regarding accessories, but with the margin on them, I do not understand why they are just not available for the VZ version. I hear that there is a GSM version available in Europe that mostly works, if you want to pay $100 to import it.

I don't. :)

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