How do I grant storage permissions to zedge on android 4.0.4?

Feb 15, 2016
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I've installed zedge and I use to have no problems with it however it has update and it want permissions to storage. I can download items but when i go to settings it says "you've denied storage permissions to zedge. Zedge needs permissions to function. Please open setting to grant permissions." then it directs me to the app info and all i can click is clear data, force stop, or unistall. Talk about poor development. what should I do? oh and model number is SCH-S738C.


Q&A Team
Jul 7, 2013
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Sounds like the update to Zedge to support Marshmallow has broken storage support in that older version of Android.

Marshmallow allows for granular permission granting by the user, so you can deny an app from your TV provider the ability to access your contacts and text messages, even if it wants that access.