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How do I import my Google Contacts into an LG v30?


New member
Jul 28, 2011
Under the Account settings in the phone I have the Google Contacts sync turned on - but so far only one ( in the last 24 hrs) contact turned up in my phone! I have seen this issue with my last phone (a Samsung galaxy s6) - so not sure if a Verizon or a Google Server problem.
I have 488 contacts within 10 groups (and not any Google prenamed group). I tried importing via vcf files (I created a export file on my PC, then copied to my phones memory and then imported). But they do not show up in the groups - only as ”one” group.

ANY suggestions/tips?
and what App do ‘you’ use as your group manager on your phone?

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Open the Google Contacts app, tap Menu>Customize View. Is "All Contacts" selected?

Also, sorry for this basic question, but are you certain you're using the correct Google account? People often have multiple accounts, which can sometimes lead to confusion when it comes to syncing the right contacts.


New member
May 5, 2013
Every time I switch phones or reset all the contacts come back just by signing in. If you have your old device make sure you are using Google as where your contacts are saved and also that they are the correct account.

Best way to know for sure is sign in to web browser on PC and go to contacts.google.com