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How do I increase the time out on my lock screen (Tab S 10.5)?


AC Question

Very short time out on lock screen Tab S 10.5

There are no settings for time duration in lock menu and smart stay does not help as I have 2mins but lock goes off after about 7 seconds and no one can read my personal details for a case of lost and found. I might add also my power saving is NOT turned on, can anyone help with what is an important function to protect our devices.

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Re: Very short time out on lock screen Tab S 10.5

Welcome to Android Central! Are there any sources of magnetic fields near the screen? Is the tablet in a case? Some cases have a smartcover with an embedded magnet that's too strong, so that if you fold it behind the tablet, it still triggers the tablet's smartcover sensor (making it think you've close the cover, and therefore shutting off the screen).