How do i know if my RCA Galileo Pro Tablet has water damage?

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About a week ago, one of the 3 games i play on my tablet started crashing while i'm playing the game. It was only happening here but as of 2 days ago it started happening in the other games. Also when i search for things on the internet, the screen redirects to some other subject i did not select and it goes back and forth between the 2 screen. Also when i am typing with the keyboard connected, it brings up the keyboard on the screen and will not let me use the actual keyboard. About a month ago i came home from shopping and found water spilled on the tablet back and it was dripping into the keyboard. I tried to dry it of but i am not sure if water got into the tablet and keyboard, because an hour later when i turned it on it seemed to be fine. Are all these problems signs that it has water damage. I had something similar to this happen with a previous tablet, the only thing is there is no water mark on the tablet screen to be visibly seen and these same issues got worse so i had to replace it.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! The keyboard issue could certainly be a water damage issue. The search redirects sound more like adware, probably from some app you installed. The game crashes could be due to bad coding or corrupted data -- try clearing the app cache for those games (and, if you don't mind losing your game progress, also clear the app data).

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