How do I make Maps Timeline work on my newer phone.

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Do I need to "disown" my previous Moto G4 that I keep up to date and synced without a sim in it as a back up phone or for more rugged use.

I know you can remove it from your devices, which I think takes a while.

I don't want to factory reset it just for this, (it is still a long pulava over days to get all my apps working on a reset device), but Timeline is important to me currently.

Maps recorded only 4 days correctly in 3 months on my new Nokia.

Today I put the sim back in the Moto to try it for a day out and Timeline is recording, so it's some conflict between the two.
Trust me, as far as I can be sure, I have all the Settings correct to enable Timeline to work on the Nokia.

This is a real pita.
I found a string of instructions by chance from Google to a slightly similar question on "their" own forum which I can't find again, but it seems they (Google) are not totally confident of all their own settings and were using a suck this and see approach.

Yes I'm me who posted before, after it was me in the past before I became me again - then a new me in preparation for becoming me in the future, so hi.
I'm going to try posting this in a few sites, but I seem to have a unique problem, so I'm glad it's only me though I wish I could not be me so I could return to being the regular me with a Timeline that works on my newer phone that is also on my Google account as mine. :p

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