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How do I make my screen protector more slippery?


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How to make my screen protector more slippery

I have an S6 Edge, but I don't think this is a phone-specific question.

I just applied my first screen protector. I went with an amFilm premium, because it was the thinnest of any I could find for the Edge. It went on OK (it had 2 layers to remove, and the second layer was a pain), and looks perfect.

The only issue is that it's nowhere near as slick as the glass of the phone! It feels like I'm rubbing across rubber. Maybe they all feel like that, I don't know... like I said, this is my first screen protector.

Can you guys suggest a way to make it feel more like the glass of the phone?


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Jun 10, 2014
Re: How to make my screen protector more slippery

They don't all feel like that. I guess you could try polishing it.

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