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How do I move data onto a Kingstone sd card, if my Note 4 is saying it is unsupported?


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Kingstone sdcard unsupported into my note 4

When I move or copy some file to my kingstone16g sdcard file from my mobile note 4 it accept but when I restart or power off all files disapear and demand to reformat the cars
Please help


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Dec 25, 2013
Re: Kingstone sdcard unsupported into my note 4

I had a similar problem with a Kingston 16gb class 4 card. I had it 18 months on a Galaxy S2.
It started to say it was unmounting, then remounted.

You may have a failing, faulty or fake card. Don't save anything precious on it.
Stick to Samsung or SanDisk cards. I now don't use any card on my 32gb Samsung Note 3. With smaller capacity phones they are essential, of course.

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