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How do I move my contacts from my android phone to my Windows 10 Surface Pro 3?


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I want to link my phone contacts (Google) with my new Windows 10 Surface Pro 3 and I'm just learning Windows.


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Jun 16, 2015
I know this worked with Outlook Contacts in Win7, and hope that it works with Win10. It uses the .vcf format for contacts. Check to be sure that the contacts in Win10 will import .vcf files. If it does,
1. Open your contacts on the Android.
2. Open the 3 dot menu at the top right and select Share.
3. It will give you a pick list of your contacts with the option to select all.
4. Select the contacts you with to move, or select all.
5. When done selecting, touch SHARE at the bottom of the screen.
6. It will give a list of Share methods. Use email. It will pop up a new email with an attached file (filename.vcf). Send it to an email address you can access on your Surface.
7. On your Surface, open your email program & download the attached .vcf file.
From here, it's going to depend on your contact program. The way I did it was to Import Contacts, and select the .vcf file from the downloads. This should move all the contacts to the surface.

This is not a sync. There are ways to synchronize contacts, but it usually involves a syncing program. A quick google search found a possible answer here: How to sync your Android or iPhone with Windows 10 | ExtremeTech