How do I place my Game Apps back on the home screen?

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After a recent Android update, all my game apps on my home screen have been REMOVED and now they can only be accessible in Game Launcher.

I don't like this, because my games were sorted in folders in order to distinguish them better, but now the update has removed them and I am forced to use the Game Launcher. This makes it even worser due to repetition of pressing the middle button, then entering the game launcher again. I tried to use the Android App Finder to move my apps back into the home, but it is not letting me. Because when I held my finger on the app, the only option available was "Locate App", which is directing me to Game Launcher, as I aforementioned it.

So, how do I get my Game Apps back on the home screen? Remember, the App Finder is preventing me from restoring my removed apps after the update. There needs to be another way for this.


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Jun 10, 2014
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If you haven't read "recent" properly, it's the update from yesterday.

There are updates going on all the time in different parts of the world. The time at which they are sent out varies with phone, carrier and region. From the information you gave in your first post, it would be impossible to know what you were referring to.
Even your second post tells us no more than that you have an S7, and that it was updated somewhere or other a couple of days ago.
Moved to the S7 forum.


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Jun 19, 2018
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Alright, I found the update version. It's G90VVRU4CRE5, updated since June 19, 2018. (You should of told me how to, sooner.)

Now, can I have the answer to the original question? (please?) Because we're starting to go off-topic.

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