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How do I put Moto G 4G on to vibrate only since Lollipop upgrade? Very important to me.

Ana McGugan

New member
Jul 11, 2015
Since upgrading three days ago, I have been reduced to tears by my wonderful Moto G.

There are so many things I canno t find out how to do, I thought I would start with this one, and then work my way through checking the forums.

I am very sad at this apparently rubbish thing that is now running my phone. My battery now does not last one day, without doing anything other than calls and messages.

Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
There are different ways to do that. Maybe the easiest could be if you press and hold volume down for just a second or two. The volume slider will do down and set vibrate mode. To disable that just press volume up to set the level that you prefer.

After the Lollipop update you could try wiping the cache partition and see if that fixes some of the problems you're having. The whole process can take up to 10 minutes so be patient and make sure you have at least 50% of battery left. These are the instructions from Motorola.


Post here any other question or problem that you've got and I'll try to help you.
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