How do I recover Bookmarks?


Nov 3, 2010
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Hey guys,

Perhaps this question has been answered here in teh past. Please direct me to it if so. Anyway, my issue is this....I have a Sony Tab S and it's primarily my main tablet that I use. It's become so cluttered and I wanted to do a factory reset. The only thing important to me are my bookmarks on it. So I did what I thought was the proper way of backing it up. All of my bookmarks are under LOCAL. So I thought that I needed to move it to my actual Google email adress. So in order to put each one of my bookmark links, I started to group them together and created folders as I re-save the links to my Google email address. Some of these folders have subfolders in them. So in the end, before I did a factory reset on the Sony Tablet, all of my bookmarks have been transferred to my email address. I can see this on the tablet itself...main folders with subfolders and inside are the actual bookmark links. So then did the factory reset. Went to the initial setup of the tablet again. However, when trying to look for my bookmarks under my Google email account, I can only see all of the main folders and subfolders. I don't even have a single actual bookmark link on any of these fodlers. I'm not sure what happened here. I cannot remember if I did a sync just before I did a reset of the tablet. However, it's weird that it did save all of the new folders and subfolders but just not the actual bookmark links.
I used my regular pc and went on to login to Google and I spent a hour or so just clicking on any icon that I ca click on, trying to find these bookmarks. I can't even find the bookmark folders. So my questions are;

1) Where in the first place are your Andoid Bookmarks, folders, etc., being stored within Google? Where do I look for the same bookmark folders I can see on the Android tablet, while logged in to my Google account on a PC?

2) Any ideas of what happened to all of the bookmark links I have? It obviously sync'd all of the fodlers and subfolders, but it's all empty? Am I out of luck?

Thanks for any help that anyone can offer.
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