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How do I recover my passwords (stolen, hacked) & pin to unlock phone?



Boyfriend stole my Kyocera hydro metro pcs phone and changed all my passwords Facebook, Google, probably others too, and I can't even get on to my phone cause he changed the cm locker design w the dots pin when u first unlock phone without my permission won't tell me what it is. Please help!


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
1. Dump your boyfriend. (If you're really angry, make a police report - what he did is a federal crime.)

2. Bring the phone into metroPCS with photo ID showing that the account that the phone is on is yours. They can unlock it. (People can use the information to steal phones and unlock them, so we don't post it here.)

3. Contact Facebook, Google and all the other accounts and ask each one for help. Each one has a different procedure.