How do I remove/delete obsolete autofill email addresses?

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I currently use a Samsung A6 2018 (SM-A600FN). Whenever I compose an email and start to type in the recipients address, my phone displays a drop-down containing autofill suggestions for the address. Many of these are old and obsolete, mis-spelt or no longer relevant to me for whatever reason. Some even date back several years to when I didn't even have this phone.

Being a bit finicky I find this quite annoying. How do I remove/delete these so that only relevant addresses are shown?

What I tried so far:

Tried using a different email app. I get the same issue with Type Mail, Blue Mail, myMail etc. the issue persists.
Also tried clearing caches etc. including on my keyboard, Gboard and built in Samsung one.
Tried tapping and holding on the unwanted addresses when they appear in the drop-down to see if that gives me any remove options.
Logged into my Google account from my PC and deleted all the collected email addresses in there. Many of them were the same as what show up in the autofill suggestions so I thought I'd cracked it...but no.
Did the same with my Hotmail account also.
Obviously the addresses in question are not in my regular contacts but I cannot find any way to remove them using my contacts app, hidden setting or otherwise.
Removed and deleted my Samsung account in case they were being stored there (I can always set up new one).
Temporarily installed a SIM card manager to see if I could find them hiding on the SIM but no luck with that.

My guess is that they must be being stored on my SD card but I'd rather not have to go to the trouble of backing up the important stuff and reformating that just yet if I don't need to.

Any help with this would be very much appreciated, thanks.

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