How do I remove Google Play services to install the updated Google Play services?


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Dec 16, 2014
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Here's my problem. I have a Samsung Note 3. I got it in April 2014 and around the summer, when I started up my Gmail app, I got an error message "Unfortunately, Google Play, and some of the services associated with it have stopped, please contact your manufacturer for assistance." I could still read and send email, the only problem was that I never received notifications for getting new mail.

Eventually, my Gmail stopped working completely. Uninstalled and installed it, didn't work. Then I saw that my Google Play store was a 3.2 version, so I uninstalled it to reinstall it via apk in version 5.0. Till then my Play Store worked fine but reinstalling it, I couldn't get any functionality out of it. Then I discovered that my Google Play Services were still a 3.2 version even though the Play Store I had installed was version 5.0. I then tried installing Google Play Services 5.0 but couldn't because "an app already exists with the same signature" but there's no option to remove my play services from my applications tab. To make matters worst, my Android version is Jellybean. JELLYBEAN. I'm from Pakistan and we're supposed to have the Kit Kat version here but when I try to update my software, it tells me my software is already up to date which I know is a lie. So now you know my full story. And that I'm not at all a techie. Can ANYONE help me at all? Help that doesn't involve rooting out my phone because first of all, I can't do something so complicated and second of all, it's not very secure to do so either.

Also, my mom got the same phone shortly after I did, and I've recently noticed her phone making the same error with Gmail as my phone was initially doing, so clearly they're selling us crap devices in Pakistan. But there has to be some solution, right? :/

PS: Both phones came without warranty- to a foreigner that might sound like it isn't an original phone but in Pakistan phones are often sold without warranty, either because they're secondhand or because people just choose not to purchase the warranty and save their money since the warranty doesn't really help in any way other than replacing one crap model for another. So even if I had a warranty, what would the point be of replacing the phone with another that will soon have the exact same problem? :/
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Feb 12, 2012
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Thew phone should still have a 1 year warranty in Pakistan. Have them both replaced under warranty.


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Apr 28, 2011
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Sounds like you need to have someone flash the stock ROM from your carrier. Have someone knowledgeable do it for you. At least then you have a good working base again. Then don't install a bunch of apps. Just install the play store and gmail. Try it for a few days. See if it works. Make a backup. Then, one by one, add your old apps, test your gmail, make a backup, add another app, test your gmail, make a backup, etc. until you find whatever "broke" your services. Then roll back to your previous backup and stay away from whatever broke things. If you're not rooted, don't go installing apk's not built for your system, because, as you've now seen, it just causes more headaches than it's worth.

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