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How do I save apps directly to my SD card? (Galaxy s5)


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My device is consistently out of storage. I've moved over all of the apps I can to my SD, but now I'd like to know how to save apps directly there...I barely have anything on my phone and every time I try to download a new app it tells me I don't have room. I can't even install updates!


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Jan 26, 2013
Apps cannot be directly installed onto the SD card. Even when you move an app, the bulk of it remains on the phone and only a bit of it get's moved. This was implemented in Kitkat and since you own a S5, it's probably at KK or LP by now.

If you have data... music, videos, photos, move them to the SD to gain more storage on your phone. You could also uninstall apps you don't use.


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Feb 12, 2012
Computers don't work like that in general. Download a huge (like 4GB) file to drive D in a desktop and you'll notice that once it's finished downloading, it's moving the file. Downloads in Windows go to the C drive, regardless of where you tell the computer to put the file. Downloads in Android go to internal storage, even if you run an app that makes the "default" download location the SD card. (The only way around that is to remount things, so internal storage is sd1 and the card is sd0. Apps are installed to sd0 and files are downloaded there - regardless of the device mounted there. (The phone has to be rooted to do that.) External 2 Internal SD (Root) does it for you. (But at the expense of life of the SD card - eMMC storage - the kind used for internal storage in phones - is designed for constant writing, SD isn't.)

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