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How do I send a video from my Note3 to my son's Android phone?


AC Question

how do I send a video from my note3 to my son's android phone?

I send single pictures via e-mail, but video doesnt send.


New member
May 9, 2015
Re: how do I send a video from my note3 to my son's android phone?

Have you saved it first?


New member
Sep 20, 2010
That is because most email accounts set a limit to how large a file you can attach. With the high quality video we take the size of the file adds up quick. Your best bet is to save video to photo bucket or Picasa and send him a link to the video. Otherwise you have to condense the video before you attach it. IPhone for all its faults does video sharing through i message which works great for them. Hopefully we can get something similar going soon.

James Edmunds

New member
Mar 12, 2015
You may upload your video file via Dropbox or Google Drive, then share it to your son's account. Then he can get it from these cloud storages.