How do I share my mobile data via hotspot while connected to WiFi wihout internet access..

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Eksampel: I have wireless infrared dashcam in my car that brodcast wi-fi, wich has no internet connection.
I connect my phone to the cams wifi to see the video feed. At the same time i haeve my hotspot on the phone on. My car is connected to that hotspot. While i'm connected to the cam-wifi my car has no internet connection.
I have tested the came setup only by connecting the phone to the Wi-Fi with internet connection. In that case my car has internet.
So how do I force my phone to share mobile data and not Wi-Fi?


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Sep 9, 2018
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I don't think you can for what I think you are trying to do. When you share your phone's mobile data connection via hotspot, I believe your phone uses its wifi radio in a certain way for the hotspot sharing, and it can't be used at the same time for regular wifi use. Same thing in the opposite case. That is, if you use your phone's wifi radio for normal use (eg: being on a wifi network), then it can't be used at the same time for hotspot sharing. Does that make sense as related to your situation?

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