How do I sign into my phone after it was abnormally factory reset?


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My Galaxy s4 has setting where if you don't guess your password right after 10 tries it gets factory reset. My friend decided he wanted to that and my phone was factory reset. It still says that the sim card has already been activated and my phone number is still set on the phone. It say I have to sign into my Samsung account but every time I put in the right information, it says "Processing Failed" What do I do to fix this because it will not let me get past this page. Is all of my information lost forever? Please help. I've already tried changing my password on my Samsung account and try signing in again but that didn't work because the message "Processing Failed" still pops up.


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Jun 10, 2014
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There may be a waiting period before the phone can be used again. Try contacting Samsung customer support for advice.
Your friend may be liable to pay you a large amount of money in compensation. Take legal advice.


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Oct 15, 2016
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This is a very good question. I am having a similar issue. I know I'm entering my correct Samsung account credentials, however it says, "PROCESSING FAILED"? I do recall finding a workaround in the past (I had Googled this issue, and a particular result told me some type of trick to make it work) I DO NOT REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS OF COURSE! If I had to guess, I think it had me do something tricky that allowed me to SOMEHOW get out of the set up wizard process and into the phone's settings ... idk?! .....................................................ANYWAY...............................I really don't want to send my phone to Samsung (my only option at this point, smh) PLEASE!! ... IF SOMEONE HAS THE ANSWER ... PLEASE REPLY ... IT WILL ABSOLUTELY BE TRULY APPRECIATED !!!