How do I stop my phone from opening ads for no reason?


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Feb 29, 2020
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So for the last few weeks I've had an issue where every 10-15 minutes, a site inviting me to download some Cryptotab web browser will open on my phone. If I'm already using Chrome, it opens a new tab in Chrome. If I'm not using Chrome at all, it opens Chrome and THEN opens a new tab.

Then about a week ago, I had a new popup ad where an ad will drop down from the top of my phone for "Facebook Maket" wanting to sell me a "Faroot Memory Foam Leg" in what is obviously supposed to be a passing knockoff for Facebook. This ad drops down over anything I'm doing at the time, even when I exit to my home screen. Like with the web browser thing, it seems to do this every 10-15 minutes that the phone is unlocked and in use, and sometimes when I unlock the phone, it's right there already waiting for me. Sometimes I'll close the Facebook Maket ad and then get hit with the Cryptobrowser ad. Opening the Facebook ad opens to a site called "Shopify".

So far I have tried:
- clearing the cache and resetting the Cryptobrowser site. This just results in the site opening again and asking me if it can send me notifications.
- resetting all app permissions on my phone
- Looking for apps that were inexplicably uninstalled; I'd seen where viruses can install themselves as apps and you go through your app list and there will be an unnamed app you can delete. No such luck.
- AVG/Malwarebytes/Kaspersky/McAfee Antivirus free versions
- No, I have not tried a phone factory reset

My phone is:
Samsung A7
Android OS Version 9
Also uses an SD card (I have a sneaking suspicion these antiviruses are scanning my phone storage but not the card, but McAfee has an option to do so, so idk)