How do I stop my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 from constantly reloading browser tabs?

Don Collins

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Dec 17, 2014
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Way to stop Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 from constantly reloading browser tabs

It seems that whenever I have more than about 5 browser tabs open, every time I switch tabs the chosen tab reloads. This happens without switching apps (ie always on chrome, not switching to Skype or other open apps.)

A friend told me there is no way to avoid it, that its a memory saving thing and when you return to the tab it reloads from cache. This is a problem since data entered in an open tab may not have saved and a reload means I start from scratch.

For what I am using it for (an online game that can typically require up to 20 open tabs at times) this is a deal breaker. Is there a way to block KitKat from reloading these pages? Or is thate a known work around? I cant imagine too many people have my specific problem, but without a fic or a work around this amazing device is going back to the store!

Thanks in advance!
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Jun 29, 2013
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Re: Way to stop Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 from constantly reloading browser tabs

Well if you're rooted you can download apps that modify how ram is allocated on your device. For example, you can increase the "running foreground apps" memory footprint significantly. This is a workaround that might or might not work, and if it does work, it would also use this memory management setting while using other apps, which is not what you want. You'd have to modify it then revert it back after playing that game on Chrome.

I can't think of any other options at the moment.

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