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How do I sync my contacts to Facebook to show their profile pictures when they call(Note 4)?


AC Question

Contact pictures with Note 4

How do I link/synce my phone to make all my contacts pictures show up as what they have as facebook pictures for my note 4? I had a galaxy S3 and I was able to do this very easy but I can't figure out how to manage this on the Note 4.

Christopher Pontz

New member
Jan 25, 2015
Don't use Ubersync, it's trash! They (ubersync) must ask each person individually if the are allowed to use there profile pic, and only after they too download the app. It's a scam to get you to work for them, recruiting suckers for their site traffic. This guy giving you advice is either working for ubersync directly, or he is a tool that just needs to feel like he knows what to talk about. The site is a junk site that will never work.

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