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how do I sync my windows 10 calendar to samsung galaxy s8?


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would like to sync my windows 10 calendar from my pc to my samsung galaxy s8 phone


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Dec 18, 2015
It is possible if you use the same account on your Windows 10 and Samsung Galaxy S8, either Gmail or Outlook.

1. On your Windows 10, click the Windows icon on the lower-left corner, scroll down and click Calendar.
2. On the left panel, click the Gear (Settings) icon> "Manage Accounts"> "Add account". Then choose an account type and log in. Give permission to Windows to access the connected account, then click Done.
3. Click the account you just added, and change settings. Input a name for the account, then "Change mailbox sync settings". You can choose to unsync email and contact and set the frequency of syncing calendar.
4. When you create an event on Windows 10 Calendar, make sure you choose the right calendar account to store.

PS: The settings on Samsung S8 should be much easier.