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how do i take a droid mini apart


AC Question

i dropped my phone in water and I need to take it apart to put the battery in rice


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Feb 12, 2012
1. If it's been more than an hour, the damage has been done. (The salts and other corrosives in the water have already started to destroy the phone.)

2. A phone isn't like a letter - you don't just open it. If you want to learn how to repair a phone, get a job in a repair shop or take a course in phone repair. Probably 75% or more of phones that the owner opens end up going to China to have the gold reclaimed (IOW, on the junk pile). The videos you see on Youtube are nice - but anyone who's actually worked on cellphones can see that the "this is the first phone I've ever opened" is a blatant lie. The fingers are talking a lot louder than the voice.