How do I transfer my contacts and messages from my HTC to my new phone?


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how do i transfer my contacts and messages from my htc to new phone? my htc broke and I cannot see anything but a blank white screen. I have already switched my service and account to my new phone but I cannot retrieve my messages and do I get my information?

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: how do i transfer my contacts and messages from my htc to new phone?

Welcome to Android Central! Were the contacts in the old phone associated with your Google account, or only with the local Phone account? If they were with the Google account, you should be able to see them in your Google Contacts page on your computer browser. They will then sync with any new device that you log into with the same Google account.

If you only had them saved to the local Phone account, it may be difficult to retrieve them, because those contacts don't sync with anything. The contacts themselves aren't saved in a file that you can easily access.

Text messages are just as hard to transfer, if you can't access the old phone. There are apps that will allow you to backup text messages, but you need to be able to install that app and run it on the phone.

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