How do i transfer my music and picture with contacts , to my computer


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I recently purchased this phone second had they want there music and picture and contacts from me off there phone in order for me to get it active i ned to do so i need to know what steps to take to transfer saftley these files tomy pc and add them to a usb port......i have tried everything please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Are you saying they sold you the phone without backing up their pictures and other data, and without factory resetting the phone? That's astonishing.:confused:

Which phone is it? Connect it to your computer via USB--does it show up in Windows Explorer? If not, look for a USB connection notification icon in the status bar--if you see it, swipe down the notification panel and tap the icon. Make sure MTP is selected.

In Windows Explorer, locate the photos (if they were taken by the camera app, it should be in /DCIM/Camera), and drag and drop all of the photos to the computer hard drive. Do the same for music (presumably in a directory called Music).

Contacts is trickier--do you know if they had saved their contacts to their Google account, or if they're all in the local Phone account? If the former, that's easy, because they should have synced with the former owner's Google account. If the latter, then go to the Contacts app, tap Menu, and look for the Import/Export option. Select Export to File, which will create a .vcf file that will be saved to the phone's internal storage or microSD card. You can then transfer that file to the computer hard drive, and then email it to the former owner. They can then import the contacts back into their new phone, or (more preferably) into their Google Contacts.