How do I turn up the brightness?


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How do i turn up the brightness

The brightness was turned down all the way and i cannot find a way to get it back because the screen is black.


Feb 23, 2011
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Re: How do i turn up the brightness

The screen brightness shouldn't be able to go so low that it's black without rooting and using special apps. If you go into a dark room, would you still not be able to see it?

There are many ways to change brightness via apps, widgets, and custom phone settings. If you can see the screen at least enough in a dark room, there at least be a way to adjust the brightness through the main settings, then a screen/display option.

I am familiar with some apps that apply something like a virtual window tint to the display so it can mimic darker than normal brightness. Some of those may even be able to completely blacken the screen if set low enough. A simple reboot should fix that, though, if you can't see to deactivate it.