How do i uninstall hidden apps on LGV10.?


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I let my son use my phone and it keeps acting different and every so often it will show a page I don't remember seeing and have to uninstall new apps that he installed but now he has them hidden. And my phone hasn't acted right since. Thanks


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Aug 3, 2016
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If you've explored the apps manager and did not see what you're searching for.. You may have to resort to something like Opera Max which should locate all apps and allow you to customize the app's settings. Thus quarantining the apps so that it can't be used unless you remove the app from the black list. If the app or those apps which could be causing this issue for you are still hidden.

You maybe required to factory reset and never allow you child to play with your device there after.. In this case purchase a cheap pre-paid phone and load just the games for your child.


I've been exploring the settings and several of the secondary app screens.. Let's try swiping right to left from the home screen, this should bring up the secondary app screen or utility apps screen.. Note the 3 dots or lines at the top right.. tab these lines or dots which will open options available to you.. One option listed is "hide/unhide apps" see this one works better for you.
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