How do I unlock my Galaxy S7? (see details please)

Tactical Boredom

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Jan 24, 2017
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I recently bought an S7 off of eBay that was listed "factory unlocked". I took it to T-Mobile to activate a sim card and everything but I kept getting the network locked sim message. Whenever I try to use the device unlock app it says it won't connect to the server even though there is no connection issue which I confirmed by using the app on a different phone with the same wifi network. There's no way to enter an unlock code either because the phone says it can only be unlocked remotely. I looked up the IMEI number and every site (including T-Mobile) said that it wasn't recognized by T-Mobile, but instead by MetroPCS which says it is clean for their service, but that doesn't make sense because I have all T-Mobile apps on my phone and I get the T-Mobile logo and everything when I boot the phone up.

Apologies for the long notes, but I have to be detailed because I've already tried many things to resolve this issue. I'd like to figure out what the problem is because it is a perfectly good phone otherwise, and I'd rather not have to send it back and buy another phone instead.