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How do I unlock my phone?


AC Question

Here are the details:

1.) I forgot my pattern and I have no idea on remembering it.

2.)I can't connect my phone in my computer via USB cable because I can't enable mass storage. It is only charging whenever I connect it.

3.) The option "Forgot Password". I'm not sure if I connected my phone etc.. PLUS!!! I can't turn on wifi...PLUS!! My data network can only access facebook because it is super slow.

4.)I own an china phone(good). Whenever I enter factory mode it has chinese font, so I searched the internet and found a result but the problem is, my phone don't have that specific option to hard reset it.

Any other methods mates?


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Dec 4, 2012
Welcome to the forums. I am not aware of any other method. Have you tried logging onto Android Device Manager? Perhaps that can reset the lock for you.