How do I update to a new Android version after rooting my Galaxy S4 Verizon?

alex moran2

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Jul 17, 2015
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how to update to new android version after rooting galaxy s4 verizon

Hi guys

I hope you are doing great. I have transfered my line from Verizon to Ultramobile but I am facing few issues. I am not able to send any text messages and when I call the automatic services I am not able to dial anything, I mean I can but it does not send anything. it is pretty annoying. anyhow, thanks to rootking 4.1 I have been able to root my galaxy s4 Verizon phone i545 and now I am wondering how can I delete the verizon android version 5.0.1 and install a new version neutral party android on my phone. do you guys think this is possible? and if so would that fix my issue?

I am able to receive text and make and receive phone calls and even send and receive MMS.

Thanks in advance for taking time to read this thread and share your thoughts on this matter.