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how do you guys like your galaxy s6??


Sep 16, 2014
yoo, im switching to tmobile sometime nxt week and im still contemplating on buying galaxy s6, but i want to know how do you guys like it so far? since im traveling every now and then my only concern is, hows the battery life? how long does the battery last for until it recharges fully? any problems with it?

thank you adv.



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Apr 16, 2011
Love my S6 also. It has a beautiful screen, fast CPU, fingerprint scanner, and wireless charging. Lots of nice upgrades from my previous HTC One M7. Battery life is good for me, on the ATT network.


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Aug 2, 2010
Love mine. The only potential concern would be Battery Life. I'm seeing around 4-4.5 hours SoT and I'm a fairly heavy user. I'd say that is average for phones these days anyway. My concerns have been negated with the fast charging though. Also, my battery life has been improving, I guess the phone is settling in?


Nov 13, 2012
Really like mine so far. Battery doesn't last as long as my old Lumia 920 did with the same amount of usage, so that's annoying, but I still get through a whole day with 15% left or so.


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Feb 15, 2011
So far so good with mine. I'm coming from an S5, so some of the upgrades are really nice:

Fingerprint scanner: Much better than the S5.
Smaller and lighter than the S5, especially if you had the wireless charging back on the S5
Seems to be faster than the S5.

Battery, in my hands, is about the same as the S5. Typically am getting 3-5 hours SOT. When idle, seems to use less than 2% per hour, and sometimes less than 1% per hour.

Lack of a memory expansion port hasn't affected me (I have the 64GB S6). I do have a micro USB cable that attaches to a USB drive if I want to do a hard backup of data.

I do wish it had a removable battery, but it isn't a deal breaker for me. I do have an external battery pack if needed in an emergency, but I don't see me using it much (if at all- I never used it with my S5). Odds are, I will replace this phone with another flagship phone in a year or so, so the battery longevity wont be an issue.


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Nov 16, 2014
Coming from HTC M7 I was very reluctant to move over to Samsung. I had considered Sense to be far superior to touchwiz. Now that I have had the S6 for 5 days I can honestly say that it's the best phone I have ever owned. I still consider sense a much better skin in form and function but the S6 just has so much going for it. From the dazzling immersive display to the fantastic camera, it's just amazing, even the little things like the clicky physical buttons feel really good, the strength of the vibration is just right. The battery is pretty crap I will admit that but to get a full charge in an hour is unbelievable, that is probably half (maybe even less) of what it took the M7 to recharge. I initially thought the S6 would last need until the htc M10 came along, Im not so sure anymore, Samsung has seriously impressed me, much more than anticipated.

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May 17, 2012
Not on TMO as signal coverage isn't great. Had business associates on it. Been on AT&T since 1994. My GS6 is awesome. Lightning fast and smooth as butter. Check out the review video by the DetroitBorg on YouTube. It's a little long but a good review.