How do you set alarm volume to vibrate on Android 12?


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Aug 17, 2022
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Hi all,

I hope you are having a good day so far.

I was forced to update to Android 12 last week, and so far most of the features I happily used in Android 11 are unfortunately missing.

One of them seems (emphasis on seems, because I think/hope I'm just missing something simple) to be that I can no longer set my alarms to vibrate!

I have a OnePlus 8T, and on Android 11, when my physical ringer switch was set to "Ring", my alarms would make their noise, whatever the default ringtone noise was. While on "Silent", I wouldn't even notice my alarm was going off until I looked at my screen, since it was, you know, silent 😶

And on vibrate, it wouldn't make the ringtone noise, it would only vibrate, which is what I wanted, since a lot of times I would be in a quiet environment. The problem is, since the Android 12 update, my phone literally always plays the alarm ringtone, even while the side switch is set to silent! (I just tried it to confirm)

I am using the default Clock app that comes preinstalled, and have used it since getting the phone (a few months ago). Could someone please help me, either explaining why my alarms are being this persistent and ignoring the "Silent" and "Vibrate" side switch, and also please explaining to me how to fix this, so the alarms obey the "Vibrate" setting and don't actually play the ringtone?

Many, many thanks in advance,

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