How do you transfer Google contacts to be on your physical phone?

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I am trying to have all of my google contacts be put on my physical phone. I am doing this because my Bluetooth in my car will not pick up the contacts that are loaded in from google so therefore if I am driving my car won't display who is calling me or messaging me, just the phone number. Any assistance would be great as I have looked everywhere and I am frustrated. thanks!


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Dec 18, 2015
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Log in your Gmail on a browser, click the triangle icon and choose Contacts, click More > Export on the new window, select contacts and export as vCard (the option is marked as for iOS contacts, but actually Android device also/only can recognize vCard file). Move the downloaded vCard file to your phone memory.

Now open Contacts app on your phone, go to menu/settings, find an option to import contacts from phone storage. It will automatically scan vCard files from your phone/SD card.