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How long do I need to charge my samsung galaxy J5?


AC Question

For how many hours do I need to charge my Samsung Galaxy J5 for the first time and how long will it last?


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Jan 26, 2013
Phones can sit on the shelf for... however long, until they're sold... so first charge times vary. Just how long the charge will last depends on how much you use the phone and what you do during that time. If you charge it up fully (100%) and never even turn it on, it'll last for many, many, many days. If you use the phone, download apps, make calls, text, play games, email, browse the internet, or simply run through the settings to see what you can do, then the battery will start depleting. How much? Who can even guess at that? If you think about it, your questions can have a million different answers.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! I'm guessing the OP is thinking in terms of those instruction manuals for other things like cordless phones that say, "Charge for at least 12 hours the first time." That's not necessary with smartphone lithium batteries. Most phones come with the battery about 50% charged, and to be honest, you could just start using it that way without first charging up, and you won't cause any damage. The exception would be if the phone immediately wants to do a system update--then you should make sure it's done while the phone is plugged into a wall outlet, because you don't want the battery running out during a system update. That can brick the device.

When I get a new device, I typically charge it up to 100%, then keep charging for another hour or so, because that's the so-called saturation charge. Read more here: Charging Lithium-Ion Batteries – Battery University. But again, if you just stop charging as soon as it reaches 100%, you won't cause any problems.