How much to fix Samsung Note 5 Cracked Screen?


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How much to fix Samsung Note 5 Cracked Screen

I accidentally dropped my Samsung note5. The screen was facing down so when I picked it up I was not surprised to see the screen alrready cracked. I have my case but it doesn't have any screen protector. Anyone knows if it will be covered by the phone warranty? I got only last December,2015 with my pospaid plan so it is still under warranty. And if not covered by warranty how much will it cost me to have it fix. I am in Dubai so if you know a place where I can I it repair, pls let me know. I don't want to end up spending too much.
Hope you could help me. Thanks.


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Nov 11, 2011
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It is NOT covered under normal warranty. I went online with Samsung support about this when my wife dropped hers. They asked for the IEMI and I gave it to them. They quoted me a price of $182.89 to replace her LCD and screen. They provided the shipping label. That was for here in the USA. For you in Dubai, they might have a more local repair facility. I would do the online chat with their support and they can give you the details. My wife's will be delivered back to her tomorrow.