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how to accept a jpeg file (ie pic) thru text.


AC Question

How to I change settings on my Samsung Galaxy 4 in my texting so I can accept attachment of a jpeg file... It always says it removes the attachment however I want to see it.


Retired Ambassador
Aug 26, 2013
What do you mean it removes the attachment? Are you unable to see it at all? Is it being sent as a link or shared directly (Like from someone's gallery)?


New member
Aug 16, 2014
I'm having the same problem. But it's not every pic (I think it might just be from Iphones) I've had three different reactions when receiving pics.

1. It works (most)
2. The pic is just black
3. an error message reading :
<Subject: no subject>
The image file IMG_3020.JPG is not supported and was deleted.

I've only had this error message a few times in the last two weeks. No idea what it is or how to fix it.