How to completely uninstall HTC Sync Manager from my Macintosh????


AC Question


I briefly tried to use the HTC Sync Manager when I first got my M8 about a week ago. Now I want to go back to the much better Android File Transfer program.

Unfortunately, the HTC software will not go away and AFT will no longer see my phone. I have deleted the HTC Sync Manager application and went to various folders in the Library and ~Library folder removing any suspicious files.

So, HTC Sync Manager should be gone… No!!!

Now when I plug my phone in I get a disk image mounting on my computer with a link to the web site where I can download the HTC Sync Manager.

I have tried reinstalling the Android File Transfer software. It won't auto launch when you plug the phone in. When you manually launch it, it can't find the phone.

So we are back to the title of this plea for help:

How do I completely uninstall and remove every last trace of HTC Sync Manager from my Mac?