How to delete bookmarks? Need better manual...


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Oct 19, 2009
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Good day, all... just jumped into the hero after my pre began having problems... I must say, all the flaming back and forth over at pre central is sooo unfortunate as both are fantastic phones. I really miss so much of the pre yet love so much of the hero... both deserve a lot of respect for what they do well...

At any rate, a simple question which I'm sure has a simple answer... how do I delete specific bookmarks? A lot of things I thought were pretty intuitive on the pre don't work on the hero, like moving songs in a list to play differently... or just highlighting a bookmark and pressing delete or a back button... what do you do? I'm sure I missed the obvious but the manual is pretty worthless as is my brain sometimes!

I'll be sharing some of my thoughts when I don't have my eight year old daughter tugging at me to play a game....

thanx in advance



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Sep 21, 2009
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Pull up your bookmarks (from browser, click on menu, then bookmarks), then click menu, and delete is an option. It will pull up your bookmarks in list form. You can check the ones you want to delete, then click done.

Hope this helps!